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Case Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case Scenario - Assignment Example ssedâ thatâ itâ wasâ hisâ firstâ offenseâ andâ pleadedâ guiltyâ of having removed the roses, the court would be brought to a request deal and would not continue to the preliminaries. Theseâ reflectâ aâ crimeâ controlâ modelâ whereâ theâ courtâ hasâ concentratedâ onâ theâ victims’â rightsâ afterâ heâ pleadedâ guiltyâ andâ neededâ noâ moreâ investigations in light of the fact that Michael’s camcorder had all the necessary proof. Aâ warrantâ ofâ arrestâ will be issued to the police to arrest Mary since the jury has confirmed that she has committed burglary. Due process model prevails, where the court is concentrating on the rights of the defendant and victimizing the victim while following rules,after she entered the house without permission and stole some property. Also, the court shouldnot expected to concentrate on the facts approved by the jury but will conduct legal procedures to declare her guilty (Brody, Acker and Logan, 2000). Laura case in the Uniform Crime Reportâ fallsâ underâ partâ 1(indexâ crimes) of the subdivisionâ ofâ propertyâ crimesâ becauseâ markâ hadâ plannedâ toâ stealâ a plasma TV, some cash, among other things. This form of burglary is notâ clearâ ifâ markâ triedâ itâ byâ forceâ orâ not,â andâ so, maybeâ classifiedâ asâ forcibleâ entryâ orâ theâ unlawfulâ typeâ respectively.â The idea that Laura killed mark while trying to defend herself isâ alsoâ aâ crimeâ andâ willâ fallâ inâ partâ one underâ violentâ crimes (McWhirter, 2006).In case N I B R Sâ methodâ ofâ reportingâ is to beâ used,â theâ courtâ would be on classification An and be forced to conduct extensive legal procedures. These would beâ soâ because; NIBR doesn't involveâ anyâ formsâ ofâ summary,â whileâ theâ findingsâ submittedâ in ASCII text files electronically (Siegel, 2010).â Hermanâ committedâ forcedâ rapeâ andâ hisâ actionâ should beâ reportedâ inâ partâ 1 of theâ violentâ crimes, in which

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DC Design is Automobile Customizing †Free Samples to Students

Question: Examine about the DC Design is Automobile Customizing. Answer: Presentation DC configuration is a vehicle altering organization established by Dilip Chhabria in 1983. The vehicles are exceptionally estimated with the end goal that even the organizer can't redo his own vehicle (Chhabrria, 2016). It is situated in India. The organization rose extremely quick in the market because of the quality structure of vehicles they give and is as of now one of the most celebrated cars producing organization in India. They tweak both inside and outside of the vehicles to give the best vehicles. They manage an assortment of vehicles which are lavish and implied for the wealthy in the general public henceforth their market is essentially the top of the line individuals in the public eye, for example, famous actors. The market they are focusing to work with is makes of vehicles locally and universal manufacturers(Chhabria, 2018). The market specialty focused by these fashioners is to furnish purchasers with something that vehicle producers can't give henceforth customization . They work with the universes best vehicle makers, for example, Ford and Renault. The Business canvas model of DC fashioners Key Partners This structure square depicts where an organization re-appropriates a portion of its exercises. Dc fashioners have associations with large promoting organizations in America which help in showcasing their vehicles to improve deals. Client connections This square depicts how the business guarantees a decent and enduring relationship with clients. To gain clients, DC architects offer free preliminaries before buying a vehicle to show the vehicles are high caliber and guarantee client reliability after they purchase the vehicles. Offer Offer speaks to the gathering of items that construct an incentive for a specific segment of clients that will make them purchase from the organization and no other. DC architects uniquely tweak their vehicles for extravagance. This pulls in the wealthy in the general public who need and can live extravagant lives. Client Segments This portion is significant since clients are significant and primary goal of the business.(Cummings, 2011) The business for the most part manages top of the line individuals in the general public, along these lines they have denoted their clients, for example, VIPs Vivek Oberoi and Sanjay Dutt who they have completed a few undertakings for them. Key Activities This square in the plan of action portrays all exercises that a business completes to adequately work. DC car configuration completes exercises, for example, showcasing, consultancy and making associations in order to perform productively. Distinct advantages Distinct advantages building square portrays what a business ought to must have the option to work all in all. DC planners need fabricated vehicles or extra parts to have the option to tweak the vehicles (dcdesigners, 2018). Income streams Income streams speak to the cash that the organization gets from deals. To structure top of the line cars, the plan organization gets nearly $1 million from a customer(Chhabria, Dilip Chhabria: Tapping into Indias Promise as a Global Hub for Car Design, 2015). Cost structure DC creators acquire a colossal cost that originates from their exercises, assets, consumer loyalty and every single other component that structure the business. Channels This structure square clarifies how the organization attempts to arrive at its clients or providers. At the point when DC architects were established online networking was not promptly accessible, so they needed to arrive at their clients genuinely to promote their vehicles. Nowadays, they work with showcasing offices which help with promoting and furthermore publicize all alone via web-based networking media, for example, Facebook. The relationship over the nine structure squares A business canvas model is a model that clarifies how a business guarantees estimation of the items and administrations they give, the key organizations that empower an incentive to the business, secret weapons that are utilized to accomplish esteem, costs engaged with the business, the key exercises completed to encourage tasks in the business, how the business gets income and the relationship the business has with its customers(Hossain, 2014). All the nine structure obstructs in the plan of action are related. A business has diverse client fragment and endeavors to fulfill each portion which is incentive through client connections with the end goal that the clients stay faithful to the business. Channels are utilized by the business to guarantee various portions of clients are fulfilled and taken care of. Incentive and great client relations help to produce income. Distinct advantages are required to guarantee incentive. By doing certain exercises with accomplices utilizing the sec ret weapons, the business can create income. The whole plan of action shows where the expenses brought about in the business come from(Bravanov, 2011). The responsibility of the top official is essential for success(Atuluku Achendu, 2017). Dilip Chhabria who is the CEO of DC configuration should lead different pioneers and guarantee they are focused on the business. This will guarantee that the administrators deal with the representatives well and take care of their needs. Their responsibility ought to be sufficiently genuine to try and work along with representatives in planning and redoing quality vehicles. This will likewise persuade the workforce causing them to be focused on the business henceforth advancing its development and improvement which will, thus, guarantee manageability. Organizations help a business to get new thoughts and furthermore improve their market. For DC vehicle configuration to be effective and guarantee manageability in the market, they should shape organizations. These organizations ought to be with various types of organizations which would assist the business with growing. They as of now have associations with a few showcasing offices in various pieces of the world who help them in promoting. This has extended their market universally. In spite of that, the business ought to likewise build up organizations with comparative organizations, for example, Avanti which are now settled in the market. This will help with getting aptitudes and method of staying applicable in the market henceforth guaranteeing supportability. So as to guarantee achievement and supportability, DC vehicle configuration should stage their exercises. The principal stage is in every case how the workers are treated in the business and preserving the earth through exercises, for example, diminishing contamination by energizes. These exercises center around individuals, with a decent domain and roused laborers, the supportability of the business is guaranteed. The subsequent stage is presenting exercises that will guarantee congruity of the business such reusing squanders. The third stage is re-appropriating exercises, for example, organizations which will likewise add to sustainability(Atuluku Uchendu, 2017). Connecting with workers in business exercises It is significant for the business to consistently connect with their workers in exercises going on through correspondence. At the point when representatives are locked in, they become progressively profitable since they feel as though they are a piece of the business (Perkins Serafeim, 2012). This will likewise make it simpler for them to convey on the off chance that they have any issues and furthermore advance cooperation. The top officials ought to impart to workers about the businesss supportability objectives and connect with them in exercises that help guarantee manageability. Drawback chance portrays a most dire outcome imaginable in a business whereby the estimation of speculation drops massively. This is brought about by immense misfortunes in the business whereby the profits of the business are continually lower than anticipated to such an extent that it makes the whole speculation come up short (Chong Michaels, 2012). Poor administration of assets may likewise cause drawback chance. At the point when administrators and different officials in the business begin to misuse and steal assets, there will be colossal misfortunes in the business that can't be recouped making the whole venture fail(Investopedia, 2018). End DC configuration is a top of the line business which has an immense chance of becoming because of the extraordinary interest of lavish games vehicles among the rich since they are an unmistakable pointer to someones economic wellbeing. With legitimate administration from the administrators, they can be a multi-billion organization in multi decade. In the event that DC vehicles configuration was my business, I will roll out specific improvements to the plan of action to guarantee development and maintainability of the business. With the organization, I will accomplish more associations not just with the organizations that will help in showcasing and gracefully of vehicles yet in addition different organizations, for example, Avanti which is the quickest organization in India selling tweaked sports cars(The Hindu, 2016) This is likewise because of the way that DC configuration is attempting to emulate or do exercises they are doing. This will raise more thoughts for the business which primary driver development and guarantee supportability. To guarantee more income, I will likewise wander into vehicle fabricating close by tweaking vehicles. This will guarantee diminished expenses on purchasing vehicles and furthermore the business can acquire from just selling the fabricated vehicles. References Atuluku, An., Achendu, J. (2017). Basic Success Factors for Business Sustainability. Recovered from achievement factors-business-supportability/ Atuluku, A., Uchendu, J. (2017). Basic Success Factors for Business Sustainability. Recovered from achievement factors-business-supportability/ Bravanov, D. (2011, May 28). 10 musings on The 9 Building Blocks of a Business Model . Recovered from Chhabria, D. (2015, Feb 21). Dilip Chhabria: Tapping into Indias Promise as a Global Hub for Car Design. (India Knowledge@Wharton, Interviewer) Chhabrria, D. (2016, March 24). Why Dilip Chhabria cannot bear to modify his own vehicles. (The Hindu, Interviewer) Chong, J., Michaels, P. (2012). Estimating hazard for the expense of capital: The drawback beta methodology. Diary of Corporate Treasury Management, 346347. Cummings, D. (2011, May 28). The 9 Building Blocks of a B

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Magical Realism in Gabriel Garcia Marqezs A Very Old Man with Enormous

Attributes of Magical Realism in Gabriel Garcia Marqez's A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings The discussion encompassing Magical Realism makes the characterization of what is and what isn't Magical Realism extremely troublesome. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a well known Latin American writer, has composed numerous bits of what is for the most part considered to be Magical Realism. Marqez's A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings satisfies each trait of Magical Realism.. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings incorporates numerous angles, which might be depicted as otherworldly. In the story, an elderly person with an exceptionally poor arrangement of wings is found and kept as a pet for quite a while. These wings were depicted by the specialist in the story as characteristic on that totally human life form that he was unable to comprehend why other men didn't have them, as well (528). The way that the elderly person had wings in any case appears to be entirely satisfactory to the characters, and this lack of concern is passed on to the peruser. Marquez likewise adds to the story the story of the woman creepy crawly. The woman creepy crawly has the body of a tarantula and the leader of a little youngster. She was changed to this state in the wake of escaping her folks home to go to a move. Witches, wizards, and spells are not used to change her, just lightning. The woman creepy crawly removes the elderly person's hordes of observers leaving him pro gressively standard in that he is still around much after his fifteen minutes of acclaim are finished. Another case of enchantment is the excess of crabs. A pervasion one can acknowledge effectively enough. Be that as it may, a pervasion of crabs so extreme the smell alone makes the baby exceptionally sick is significantly more nonrealistic. The utilization of numbers likewise appears to be mysterious as it were. The story happens on the third day of r... ...mariner who recollects his past as a human and is changing in accordance with his destiny as a heavenly attendant. The heavenly attendant commits numerous errors with his supernatural occurrences. Notwithstanding, the family that houses him, however they treat him as substandard, has a turn of destiny due to his reality. The heavenly attendant brings them riches when they charge admission to see him. For this group of three, life takes a superior turn in the wake of giving the elderly person a chicken coop wherein to rest. Marquez's A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings satisfies each attribute of Magical Realism. His short story contains enchantment that exists in a practical foundation. One can without much of a stretch see why Marquez is such a trailblazer in the field of Magical Realism. Works Cited Garcia Marqez, Gabriel: A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings. The Norton Introduction of Literature. Ed. Jerome Beaty. N.Y.: W.W.Norton and Company, 1996. 525-529.

3 Dangers of ACT Practice Tests

3 Dangers of ACT Practice Tests SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Practice tests are vital to acceptable ACT prep, yet simply taking full-length practice tests isn’t enough to ensure a decent score. In this article, we'll go over the three significant traps that numerous understudies unearth when endeavoring to utilize ACT practice tests. include picture credit: Danger/utilized under CC BY 2.0/Cropped and resized from unique. Threat #1: Inaccurate Practice Tests Numerous non-official practice tests are lower quality than the genuine test. The quality issues can extend from materials that don't test the correct things or get some information about them in the correct manner to tests that are overflowing with blunders. Some may contend that doing any kind of training test is superior to nothing, regardless of if it's not in the same class as the genuine ACT. In any case, utilizing low-quality ACT practice tests resembles rehearsing to turn into a ping pong champ by playing squash: it won't just burn through your time yet will likewise exacerbate your score since it's showing you an inappropriate aptitudes. Risk #2: Overdosing on Practice Tests Practice tests don’t help you in the event that you carelessly do consistently without setting aside the effort to concentrate in the middle. It's alright to take the initial hardly any training tests without an excess of reflection, just to become acclimated to the organization and the experience of stepping through the examination. When you get to the fourth or more practice test, however, you have to altogether survey your missteps in the event that you need to perceive any improvement in your score. Threat #3: Underdoing Practice Tests You can't have a decent ACT study program without in any event four genuine practice tests. In case you're spending under 10% of your ACT planning time on training tests, things are turning out badly. Ideally, you'll spend up to 30% of your all out ACT planning time taking practice tests. Making room in your bustling timetable for the piece of time a reasonable practice takes can be precarious, in any case. A decent dependable guideline to follow is that out of at regular intervals you spend doing ACT prep, you ought to spend (at any rate) in any event 3-4 of those hours taking a sensible, full-length practice test (with breaks). Thousands go after military college affirmation/utilized under CC BY-SA/Cropped from unique. What’s Next? Running low on planning time? Follow our 20-hour prep manual for utilizing ACT practice tests to take advantage of the time you have left. Presently you realize what to stay away from on an elevated level with arranging out your ACT prep, however shouldn't something be said about while you're taking practice tests? We've gathered the main eleven missteps understudies make during ACT practice tests in this article. Prepared to take some training tests, yet not certain where to get them? Not to stress - we have an assortment of free official and informal ACT practice tests for you to utilize. Need to improve your ACT score by 4? Look at our top tier online ACT prep program. We ensure your cash back on the off chance that you don't improve your ACT score by at least 4. Our program is totally on the web, and it alters your prep program to your qualities and shortcomings. We additionally have master teachers who can review all of your training ACT expositions, giving criticism on the most proficient method to improve your score. Look at our 5-day free preliminary:

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Principles of Accounting for Ethics-

Question: Examine about thePrinciples of Accountingfor Ethics in the Future. Answer: Bookkeeper Skills and Ethics in the Future The fate of the bookkeepers would increasingly confused, unpredictable and run of the mill since they would be required progressively imaginative, dynamic and compelling abilities and morals so as to perform different capacities identified with inspecting, bookkeeping, and money related. Likewise, it is additionally imperative to realize that, the future would be questionable for the bookkeeping individuals and they need to play out various testing errands and capacities in progressively muddled business condition. For instance, later on, there would be tight rivalry, up-degree in the innovation, changes in the bookkeeping rules and gauges, increasingly serious and globalized economy. These elements would influence and power the bookkeepers to procure distinctive bookkeeping aptitudes and morals. For instance, later on, the bookkeepers would need to follow Technical and moral skills so as to play out their undertakings. It implies they need to lead their money related and furnishing capacities by characterizing explicit norms. Similarly, they need to keep up the best expectations of honesty, freedom and incredulity later on (Lobo, and Zhao, 2013). Aside from this, the future would likewise uphold the bookkeepers to turn out to be progressively insightful. For example, with the assistance of the insight capacity, the bookkeepers would need to pick up profundity information so as to take care of increasingly convoluted issues. They would need to think deliberately and decidedly so as to direct their capacities later on. The future would likewise require greater inventiveness by the individual bookkeepers with the goal that they might utilize existing information and data in the new circumstance to defeat the bookkeeping issues or difficulties. Alongside this, it is additionally critical to realize that, the bookkeepers would need to concentrate on turning out to be increasingly more passionate insight so as to direct and oversee convoluted gauges and standards in the region of bookkeeping (Humphrey, 2008). In addition, mechanical progression later on would likewise constrain the bookkeepers to be progressively creative and advanced remainder. It implies they would need to deal with the new and imaginative advancements by supplanting the current. For instance, the bookkeepers would need to mindful about the applications, ideas, jobs and standards of rising computerized advances later on and they need to direct their practices and job according to the innovation (Riahi-Belkaoui, 2004). Simultaneously, it would be increasingly fundamental and important for the bookkeepers to carefully and adequately receive the moral sets of principles, rehearses, guidelines, standards and arrangements in directing their bookkeeping capacities. Also, because of the tight rivalry and profoundly globalized economy later on, the bookkeepers would need to improve their capacity to get to and envision the up and coming patterns precisely and viably by extrapolating existing patterns and realities, and filling the holes by speculation creatively (Libet, 2002). Besides, in the Morden universe of innovations, the bookkeepers would likewise need to improve the dynamic and circumstance dealing with aptitudes adequately. For case, the future would require to viably and sufficiently comprehend the necessities, needs, desires, and want of client in leading of bookkeeping exchanges and getting ready fiscal summaries. In any case, these future aptitudes would be progressively helpful, compelling, important and huge for the bookkeepers. For instance, by securing these abilities and moral information, they would have the option to satisfy their drawn out destinations and everyday capacities according to the hierarchical arrangements and guidelines. Besides, these future aptitudes would likewise give huge chances to the bookkeepers in getting to the present market patterns and circumstances. They would have the option to more fulfill their client and inside outside partners (Hodge, Kennedy, and Maines, 2004). Then again, these aptitudes would permit them to take key choices to defeat different convoluted business choices. Similarly they will have the option to work in any sorts of business circumstance. Simultaneously, these abilities would likewise help the bookkeepers in improve their present information and aptitudes. Besides, these aptitudes would likewise improve their capacity to successfully contend in the market. For instance, they would have the option to see how to accomplish serious extension or focal points from the more serious and globalized economy. Generally, it tends to be said that, the bookkeepers should concentrate on improving their future bookkeeping abilities so as to achieve their targets successfully (Porter, and Norton, 2008). References Hodge, F. D., Kennedy, J. J., and Maines, L. A., (2004). Does look encouraging innovation improve the straightforwardness of budgetary detailing? The Accounting Review 79 (3), pp, 687703 Humphrey, C., (2008). Examining research: A survey over the disciplinary separation. Bookkeeping, Auditing Accountability Journal 21 (2), pp, 170 203. Libet, B., (2002). The planning of mental occasions: Libets exploratory discoveries and their suggestions. Cognizance and Cognition 11 (2), pp. 291299. Lobo, G. J., and Zhao, Y. (2013). Connection between review exertion and money related report errors: Evidence from quarterly and yearly repetitions. The Accounting Review, 88(4),pp, 1385-1412. Doorman, G., and Norton, C. (2008). Budgetary Accounting: The Impact on Decision Makers (6thed.). USA: Cengage Learning. Riahi-Belkaoui, A. (2004). Bookkeeping Theory. USA: Cengage Learning EMEA.

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Twitter Executive Speaks About Public Policy Work in Tech Sector COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Twitter Executive Speaks About Public Policy Work in Tech Sector COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Maryam Mujica, who leads Twitter’s public policy efforts in New York, visited SIPA on February 7 for a discussion with students about the online network’s role in the current geopolitical climate. The event was hosted by SIPA’s student-run Digital and Cyber Group. In her remarks Mujica addressed a variety of issues, including the role of NGO and nonprofit messaging in the Trump era and the role of public policy at Twitter. She also discussed the network’s potential for social impact and its role as a social forum for people to rally and as a tool for governments to communicate with their citizens. Highlighting the role of her public policy team’s in such initiatives, Mujica said thatâ€"while the team is mostly advisoryâ€"it plays hugely important roles in working with the government and in advancing Twitter’s efforts toward global transparency. The company is also working to support digital diplomacy: Over 90 percent of world leaders, she said, use the service. Twitter has proven to be an important tool during emergencies and disaster relief, enabling leaders to communicate instantly with their people and disseminate critical information during an emergency situation. Twitter is working actively, Mujica said, to counter violent extremism on the platform. Asked about the fine line between ensuring safety and freedom of expression, Mujica said that the service’s rules strictly prohibit hateful conduct. As a matter of fact, she added, Twitter had just earlier that day rolled out many new safety features to help customers feel safe and to see only the content they wish. Participating MPA and MIA students enjoyed the insider’s account of what public policy work in the technology industry really entails. Mujica also offered career advice for students who aspire to join the field, suggesting that successful candidates will be able to demonstrate to the hiring manager their passion and enthusiasm for a company and its products. â€" Daniel Boccio MIA ’18

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Essay on Changes

Essay on Changes Introduction Change is ever present aspect of human life. The dynamic nature of the society and the environment means that people cannot afford to stay in the same position and must adapt their lifestyles, attitude and behavior occasionally in order to fit in. This description is fitting to the involuntary type of change. On the other hand, change can be voluntary especially when it is motivated by personal convictions such as the desire for success. Change is a theme that appears in many literature publications. â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† and â€Å"Sweat’ are two famous short stories that feature characters going through change. This paper aims to explore the changes that occur in two of the characters in these stories and the implications of this change. The two characters are Delia Jones from ‘Sweat† and Goodman Brown from â€Å"Young Goodman Brown†. The paper aims to show that the consequences of change can  be  either negative or positive in regards to the status of one’s life. Delia Sweat is the main character in â€Å"Sweat†. At the beginning the story, Delia is a sensitive, likable and hardworking woman who is, unfortunately, under constant abuse from her cruel and controlling husband, Sykes. She is depicted as an all-round character with a variety of different emotions but who is also familiar with almost all facets of life. She is very proud of her work that involves washing clothes for the white people. He husband who on the other hand does not work constantly abuses and despises her in spite of the fact that she is the one who pays for the house they live and buys the food that they eat. Perhaps even more surprising the fact that her husband acts so horribly towards her while he is very sweet and polite to his mistress. However, the day arrives when Delia decides she has had enough, and this is where her transformation or change commences. Outraged by her husband’s constant condescension and despise, she screams at him reminding him of how hard she works to support them. Wanting to emphasize her point, she picks up an iron skillet intending to strike who is at this moment is shocked as he is used to abusing her without any reaction from her. From this moment, Delia changes from a submissive character who endures constant abuse to an extremely defensive and aggressive character. Her husband tries to antagonize her further by bringing a snake  into the house knowing very well that Delia is extremely fearful of snakes. With her new found aggressiveness, she gives her husband an ultimatum to remove the snake from the house or she will report him to the white folks. He total change is further revealed near the end of the tale when her husband is bitten by the same snake that he had used to antagonize her with. Delia does nothing to help him depicting which is a major shift from her former submissive character. Through her change in character Delia attains empowerment after the years of abuse that she has suffered from her husband. It this case, her change can be said to be positive because although it is associated with a tragic event which is the death of her husband, she is able to find empowerment and success. Unlike Delia whose changes are positive, Young Goodman Brown change is not that positive in nature. The story begins in an evening where Goodman is saying goodbye to his wife and setting off to attend to a certain task. Although his wife does not want him to go as she does not know what the dark holds, he says goodbye to her and leaves. He meets an old man along the  way who tells him that he is the Devil and in spite of emphasizing that him and his forefathers have been Christians for a long time; he follows him. They come across an old woman who is known in the village for her good deeds but reveals herself to be a witch and this when Goodman learns they are on their way to an evil ceremony to initiate two new recruits. Goodman is alter amazed to see many of his village mates and even his wife on their way to the evil ceremony. He cries out to the heavens suddenly; he realizes that he is alone in the forest and cannot determine whether it was all a dream. The experience at the forest completely changes Goodman for the worst. Once he gets back to the village; he looks at all the people he had seen including his wife and the village preacher with utter disgust. He isolates himself and for the remainder of his life, he lives with despair and suspicion and in the end dies as a bitter, lonely man. Delia and Goodman’s Brown both go through deafening changes. However, the impending fortunes for the two are very different. Delia change is voluntary because she activates it herself. On the other hand, Goodman Brown’s change can be seen to be involuntary because it is brought about by an unexpected incidence that changes his outlook on life forever. While Delia change is positive and causes an improvement of her life, and Goodman Brown’s change is negative and only degrades his life. This is proof of the fact, change does not always means change of fortunes for the better; change can be also be negative and can lead to a person’s downfall. Works Cited Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Young Goodman Brown. Charlottesville, Va.: University of Virginia Library, 1996. Print. Hurston, Zora Neale, and Cheryl A. Wall. Sweat. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1997. Print.